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How To Stop YourPost-Nasal Drip


How To Stop YourPost-Nasal Drip

Glands in your nose and the reverse of your throat constantly produce mucus to capture foreign patches and debris as well as moisten the air you breathe. still, it can be relatively uncomfortable when inordinate mucus gathers and drips down your throat. This is called “post-nasal drip. ” If apost-nasal drip is causing you to have a sore throat or nasal traffic, read on to learn how to stop yourpost-nasal drip.

What Is aPost-Nasal Drip?

The mucus produced by glands in your nose and throat collects debris and other patches before being transferred to the reverse of your throat and swallowed. This is a healthy and normal process, but it's calledpost-nasal drip, when inordinate mucus accumulates and drips down your throat.

Post-nasal drip causes a sore or itchy throat or indeed hoarseness. It may also beget you to have the constant appetite to swallow or clear your throat. Other symptoms ofpost-nasal drip include

blown tonsils or other apkins of the throat

sopping sensation at the reverse of your throat

Bad breath


Nausea or puking

observance pang

Causes ofPost-Nasal Drip

There are numerous causes ofpost-nasal drip, but a major reason is disinclinations. Allergens beget the inside of your nose to come bothered, inflamed, and blown, performing in raised mucus product. still, this can also be in response to other effects similar as

Bacterial infections

Viral infections, similar as a cold wave or flu

Sinus infections


Breathing dry or cold air


Changes in the rainfall, like moisture, temperature, wind

habitual acid influx

Bacterial infections

specifics that cake mucus

An oversensitive nose

swerved septum



Spicy foods

Fortunately, there are numerous untoward treatments and home remedies to stop yourpost-nasal drip. still, there are times when you need to see a croaker .

Home Remedies To Stop YourPost-Nasal Drip

Nasal Rinse

A nasal wash( also called sinus irrigation or saline lavage) can keep your nasal passages clear by washing out debris and thick mucus. This will reduce the spread of infections and make you more comfortable by dampening your nasal apkins and help stop yourpost-nasal drip.

You have presumably seen the small teapot- shaped( Neti pots) or other squeeze bottle- type bias retailed as nasal wash aids. You can get these online or at your original drugstore, along with the saline packets you need to add to the water. It's also possible to make your own saline result if you prefer. The directions for the use and care of these nasal- wash bias are generally fairly simple. still, using clean water( sterile, distilled, or preliminarily boiled) is extremely important.

Drink further Water

Drinking further water can help if dehumidification is the cause of yourpost-nasal drip. The stylish way to determine if you ’re drinking enough water is to check your urine. It should be pale unheroic or clear — any darker than a pale unheroic means you need to drink further water.

Use a Humidifier

Breathing dry air can begetpost-nasal drip. Try using a humidifier in the apartments of your home where you spend the utmost time and in your bedroom at night while you ’re sleeping. You can also try breathing in the brume from a hot shower.

Stop Smoking

Bank can irritate your respiratory system and begetpost-nasaldrip.However, ask your croaker about ways to help you quit, If you bomb. There are numerous programs and specifics available. It's also important to avoid secondary bank.


still, the stylish treatment is to avoid the allergens that spark your symptoms, If disinclinations bring on yourpost-nasal drip. For illustration, if you ’re antipathetic to pollen or earth, try to avoid spending time outdoors on days with high pollen or earthcounts.However, change your clothes and take a shower as soon as you get back outside, If you have to venture out on similardays.However, keep your home dust-free by drawing and changing air pollutants frequently, If you ’re antipathetic to dust.


Prop up your head at night with pillows( about 6 elevation). This won't only palliatepost-nasal drip but will also keep acid influx atbay.However, don't eat or drink 3 hours before bedtime and limit alcohol and caffeine, If acid influx is the reason for yourpost-nasal drip. You may also try untoward antacids or acidblockers.However, see your croaker , If your acid influx does n’t go down.

specifics To Stop YourPost-Nasal Drip

numerous over-the-counter specifics can help withpost-nasal drip. Some exemplifications include

Oral Decongestants

Pseudoephedrine( Sudafed)

Phenylephrine( Sudafed PE)


Diphenhydramine( Benadryl)

Cetirizine( Zyrtec)

Loratadine( Claritin)

Levocetirizine( Xyzal)

Chlorpheniramine( Chlor- Trimeton)

Desloratadine( Clarinex)

Fexofenadine( Allegra)

Mucus- lacing Agent

Guaifenesin( Mucinex)

Nasal Sprays

Oxymetazoline( Afrin)

tradition Nasal Sprays

Beclomethasone( Beconase)

Triamcinolone( Nasacort)

Ipratropium( Atrovent)

Other treatments forpost-nasal drip depend on the specific cause. For illustration, antibiotics may be demanded for bacterial infections.

When To Call Your Croaker

still, over-the-counter specifics, and sprays do n’t help palliate yourpost-nasal drip, If home remedies. You may bear fresh treatment if yourpost-nasal drip is due to an infection or another more seriouscause.However, there are specifics that your croaker can define, If it's the result of implacable disinclinations.

Other symptoms can be a sign of commodity more serious. Call your croaker if you have a fever, bloody or bright- multicolored mucus, gasping, bad- smelling drainage, or briefness of breath.